Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Brian Probus

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Brian has a deep appreciation for the rich bourbon heritage of his hometown and has cultivated a deep understanding of the history, production, and enjoyment of this beloved American spirit. However, his interests don’t stop at bourbon. Brian’s curiosity and love for all types of drinks, from cocktails to craft beers and beyond, have led him to explore the world of Boozology in all its diverse forms. 

As co-host of The Firkin Podcast, Brian weaves his knowledge of drinks with his passion for audio production, music, and technology to create a one-of-a-kind podcast experience. He shares his insights, stories, and enthusiasm for libations while engaging in lively conversations with industry experts, fellow enthusiasts, and anyone else who shares his love for the world of drinks. Brian’s multifaceted interests and creative spirit make him a true advocate for the stories and culture behind the drinks we all enjoy.