Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Steve Higdon

Steve has been close to the bourbon industry for more than 30 years. But he accidentally went viral on social media in 2020 after posting a bourbon review on the recommendation of his son. Nearly 40 million views and likes later,his passion for bourbon has been completely unleashed. He has been called honest, approachable and a great storyteller and has been covered in several local and national publications.He is a 7thgeneration Kentuckian with a deep love for its history and has direct ties to Abrahm Lincoln.

Uncle Steve, as coined by VINEPAIR, started the BIG Bourbon Club (BIG)with a focus on supporting those who had the least amount of access to bourbon but wanted to learn more. BIG’s mission is to help grow the love for bourbon around the world by providing greater access to its history,people and the bourbon itself. It does so through its virtual platform as well as in-person events, and its free membership.

BIG has hosted more than 25 distillery tastings which are livestreamed to its 5000 members,who live in all 50 states and 14 countries. BIG has conducted over 30barrel picks which are sold exclusively to the members.Uncle Steve is also an Executive Bourbon Steward and has hosted countless bourbon tastings.

Steve has served in a variety of executive positions including President & CEO of Greater Louisville Inc, The Metro Chamber of Commerce where he led Economic Development and was a global spokesman for the state. He also served as Director of Marketing for the UPS Airline, VP of Global Communications for Papa John’s Pizza and is currently Chief Development Officer & Director of Private Client Services, the largest Broker Dealer in Kentucky.He also services on the board of Independence Bank and is Chairman for NBA2Lou.