Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Tracey & Scott Jacobs

For Tracey Jacobs, President and Owner of Inclusion Brand Spirits, the launch of a unique Kentucky bourbon whiskey blend truly is a life-long dream come true. It was her adopted Father, Allen, that introduced and started her education into the unbridled and tradition-rich history of Kentucky bourbon and spirits. An education that held strong within her and only grew stronger, far after Allen was no longer there to continue sharing his endless stories and passionate wisdom.

Traveling the country, corner-to-corner, over the past several years, Tracey built close relationships with new lasting friends within a vast culture she knew since childhood, the Deaf culture. As her ability to communicate more fluently and clearly in American Sign Language (ASL) grew, so did her understanding of a culture that is so accepting of others, yet still today, is still seeking “true inclusion.”

It is no wonder, these inspirations blended to create a truly historic event, a savory and highest quality, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey dedicated to the Deaf culture and to all cultures. A passionate belief to demonstrate that no matter what your background,you can create, share, and be a part of something special. Tracey is truly proud to be a part of the tradition, blended in culture, and to help further unify a world where we can all share a drink and truly be included.