Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Owen Martin

Owen Martin’s bio reads like a Tale of Two Whiskies. Throughout his career he’s repeatedly crossed the pond, both physically and in whiskey making tradition.

When brewing first piqued his interest, the desire to join the industry led him to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland where their Master’s program brought him, instead, into a career in distilling. Since then, he’s balanced his time between single malt and American whiskey traditions, while remaining steadfast in tinkering, optimizing and continuing to push the boundaries of whiskey. This breadth of experience has given Martin a broad view and a nuanced understanding of methods of distillation and fermentation, the influence of wood, and various maturation environments. He’s most interested and adept, however, at exploring how finishing and blending can create new experiences all together.

As Master Distiller, Martin leads all aspects of production and oversees innovation for Angel’s Envy, including its annual Cask Strength program, single barrel program and limited release Cellar collections Series while upholding the quality standard of Angel’s Envy across all expressions. He’s passionate about experimentation and exploration and is happiest on a deep dive: nerding out on the details, testing and learning, and jumping into the rick house to find hidden gems amongst the barrels.

For Owen Martin, “Creating whiskey at Angel’s Envy means examining an extremely heritage-rich category through unexpected lenses to see what new ideas open up.”