Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

The Firkin Podcast LIVE: Every Drink Tells A Story

Moderator: Chris Blandford & Brian Probus

Special Guest: Kaveh Zamanian, Rabbit Hole Distillery

Pouring: Two Rabbit Hole expressions

Description: There are odes, poems and songs written about love. But perhaps Bourbon company founder Kaveh Zamanian is the first person who can say a bourbon was created for it. A former clinical psychologist, he founded Rabbit Hole Distilling when his passion for bourbon took over after he fell in love for his wife from Louisville. Producing an impressive range of award-winning spirits, their bourbon and rye whiskies, as well as a gin and vodka expression, are all 100% Kentucky-made. You won’t regret going down this rabbit hole when the FIRKIN PODCAST explores this upstart distillery and its founder.