Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Badass Bartenders & Bourbon

Moderator: Ian Sulkowski, Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador

SC Baker, Epiphany Bar and Winner of the B&B Cocktail Competition for “The Louisville”
Susie Hoyt, The Pearl
Lily McCabe Lambert, Galaxie Bar
Sherri Jenkins, Epiphany Bar, Freelancer, 2023 USBG Member of the Year

Pouring: Cocktails TBD – only BF products used!

Description: In 1948 a United States Supreme Court case upheld a Michigan law that prohibited women from bartending in all cities with a population of 50,000+ unless their father or husband owned the establishment. The state argued that the profession of bartending could lead to moral and social problems for women. Oh really?! Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped overturn that law in 1976 and my how times have changed! These badass bartenders are ruling the bars here in Louisville. Come for the conversation, stay for the cocktails.