Highland Festival Grounds | September 19 - 22, 2024

Claudette Zepeda, LA JEFA

Claudette Zepeda, LA JEFA Talent: Claudette ZepedaHost: Chris SantosDescription: Chef Claudette Zepeda hailing from San Diego is a celebrated culinary anthropologist. She’s able to translate beautiful culture, heartfelt stories and bold flavors into her dishes that transports you to Mexico and Beyond! She’s simply put, La Jefa!

Pig Beach ‘meats’ Louisville

Pig Beach ‘meats’ Louisville Talent: Matty B of Pig BeachHost: Ed LeeDescription: Pig Beach prides itself on meat smokin mastery! And Louisville is it’s newest home – enjoy its foray into the Smoked Meat Universe!

Deep Thoughts with Christian Petroni

Deep Thoughts with Christian Petroni Talent: Christian PetroniHost: Chris SantosDescription: New York born and bred, Chef Christian Petroni will join the stage to share how he’s a red sauce legend.

The Firkin Podcast LIVE

The Firkin Podcast LIVE Moderator: Chris Blandford Special Guests:Ian SomerhalderPaul Wesley Description: Un-FIRKIN-believable! Last year’s blood-sucking good conversation and Brother’s Bond tasting was just so good, we’ve brought Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley back for an even deeper sip into the story of their hand-selected bourbons. This year they return to spin more tales about […]

SMOKIN’ and SIPPIN’: Pairing Cigars with Whisky

SMOKIN’ and SIPPIN’: Pairing Cigars with Whisky Moderator: Chris Blandford Panelists:Carrie Greener Pappy Co.Willy Herrera, Drew EstateGUEST – Wayne Newton Pouring: Pappy Van Winkle, Pappy Cigars Description: Holy Smokes! We’ve got Pappy Van Winkle bourbon & cigars AND Mr. Las Vegas on the same stage – “DANKE SCHOEN” to that. Join Carrie Van Winkle Greener […]

Between the Chefs: Dishing & Drinking

Between the Chefs: Dishing & Drinking Moderator: Chris Blandford Panelists:Chef Chris SantosChef Darnell FergusonChef Amanda Frietag Pouring:Description: Let’s get down and dirty with some Chef Talk! What really goes on inside the kitchen and after hours. Is it truly like a “Hell’s Kitchen” reality show or an episode of the popular FX show “THE BEAR”? […]

Building an “Influential” Bourbon Collection: The Expert Edition

Building an “Influential” Bourbon Collection: The Expert Edition Moderator: John Wadell, Single Barrel Coordinator – Peerless Panelists:Tyler Zoller, Louisville Bourbon BuzzBrandon Smith, The Daily DramSteve Higdon, Big Bourbon ClubBlake Riber, Bourbonr/Seelbach-s Description: Come for the bourbon, stay for the bragging rights. You don’t have to be a millionaire to start a bourbon collection that everyone […]

Lola Kirke

Lola Kirke Lola Kirke stands out like a flash of neon magenta in this nostalgic landscape of Americana tin-types. While many of her singing, songwriting peers look further back for inspiration, Kirke’s sweet spot is decidedly in the excess of the 80’s. Anyone only familiar with Kirke through her on-screen performances (Mistress America, Gone Girl, […]

Armchair Boogie

Armchair Boogie Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Armchair Boogie is a nationally touring newgrassact whose unbounded original sound ranges from lightning fast bluegrass to fieryfunk to soulful folk and more. Their unique lineup features drums and electric bassbacking acoustic guitar and banjo. Pair that with powerful harmonies, timelessoriginals, and choice covers, and you have yourself unforgettable […]


Artist Name In 2022, The Gaslight Anthem returned to the stage for the first time in four years. Unlike those shows (which celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their breakthrough LPThe ’59 Sound), last year’s tour explored everycorner of the band’s discography infestival and headline datesaround the world. With the band working on new music for […]