• Please be advised that there will be elevated security measures in place for Bourbon & Beyond.  Please carefully check the list of prohibited items and arrive very early to allow extra time for screening.  All entrances will have metal detectors; please plan accordingly.  
  • Bourbon & Beyond reserves the right, without refund to refuse admission or to eject any person who fails to comply with the rules of the venue, local, state or federal law, or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly, or offensive.
  • Attendees assumes all risks of personal injury incidental to the event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the event.

Your safety is our top concern at Bourbon & Beyond. If you see something, say something to one of our team members on grounds or a Public Safety Official.  

What is Crowd Surfing?
  • Crowd surfing occurs where a patron is lifted up onto the hands of other patrons, who then pass the surfer along the top of the crowd.  Surfing can take place anywhere in a general admission crowd.
    • Crowd surfing most commonly (but not always) occurs in the areas directly in front of the stages.
    • Surfing most commonly (but not always) travels from the back of the crowd TOWARDS the stage.
What’s the big deal about Crowd Surfing?
  • It is dangerous for both the surfer and other patrons.
  • Crowd surfers have virtually no control of their bodies once they are above the crowd.  Surfers can be groped, hit, or dropped.  Although crowds experienced with surfers generally try to pass them towards the stage, there is no guarantee where or how the ride will end or how the surfer will find their friends in the crowd once they come down.
  • Most of the audience is looking at the Stage!  Surfers literally put their health and safety in the hands of people they don’t know who are paying attention to something else.
  • Surfers also endanger other people.  A crowd surfer struggling to stay aloft can kick someone in the head or poke them with their hands.  Surfing is especially dangerous during an artist’s set, when most patrons are facing the stage and the surfer is being passed from behind them.
I don’t want to Crowd Surf!!  What can I do?
  • Be aware of your surroundings!  If Crowd Surfing is taking place near where you’re standing, and you are uncomfortable being in the proximity of such activities, find an alternate location from which to enjoy the performance!

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people gather. By attending Bourbon & Beyond, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19 and agree to waive all claims and potential claims against the City of Louisville, Jefferson County, the Kentucky Venues, Danny Wimmer Presents, LLC and their affiliated companies relating to such risks.

Exact COVID-19 safety protocol will be shared closer to the event adhering to the then-current guidelines of local, state, and national health officials. Preventative health measures (i.e. proof of negative COVID-19 test or COVID-19 vaccination, etc.) may be required for the festival.  Protocols will be communicated as early as possible and are subject to change at any time. Refunds and chargebacks will not be accepted in a result of any COVID protocol implemented.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You may bring in one factory-sealed bottle of water or an empty reusable bottle into the festival. Refill throughout the day with water at the hydration stations.  Water & non-alcoholic beverages will be for sale at all concession stands.

Our team at DWP strives to provide a fun and safe atmosphere at Bourbon & Beyond. It is your job to be responsible while having a good time. Underage drinking is prohibited as well as drugs of any kind (incl. cannabis, cannabis products). If you plan to drink alcohol on grounds, please also keep hydrated. Water stations are FREE, utilize that option! 

Louisville Metro Government and Emergency Ops Center has a program called “LENSAlert” that allows users to opt in to Emergency Messaging and Severe Weather Notifications. If you would like to receive notifications, please TEXT BOURBON to 67283 to start receiving emergency notifications.

While there will be security onsite, Bourbon & Beyond cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. When leaving your campsite and/or vehicle, please take valuables with you and lock your vehicle. Lockers are available in General Admission, Mint VIP, & Beyond VIP, and can be reserved now HERE. A detailed list of what is and is not allowed in the festival grounds can be found on our FESTIVAL INFO page.

Employees, contractors, vendors, artists, and guests are encouraged to report any interaction that makes them uncomfortable in any way. If you see something, say something. Security exists for the safety and well-being of all Bourbon & Beyond participants. Flag down the nearest staff member, medical professional, or security guard if anything feels out of place or suspicious.

All of us are responsible for our own safety! Have a great time at the show and take care of yourself and others!