The World's Biggest Bourbon & Music Festival has something for everyone.

Whether you are new to the scene, trying to expand your palate, or seeking rare finds, Bourbon & Beyond delivers!

The Kroger Big Bourbon Bar

The Hunter's Club

Bourbon aficionados, take a wander into The Hunter’s Club.
A place to sip and savor rare, vintage and experimental expressions.


Knob Creek #2
Knob Creek #3
Barrell Bourbon 7yr 4mo
Castle and Key res. Rye 4yr
Makers PS #2
Makers PS OT/SD #3 6yr 2 mo
New Riff 113.4′
Peerless Dbl Oak rye 5yr 3 mo
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit SA #1
Old Scout 4yr
Weller Full Proof #9
Weller 107 #4
Willet family Reserve Sa 7yr
Blanton”s Stayin Alive #1
Woodford #1
EagleRare #3
Eagle Rare #4
Knob Creek Rye WWW pick
AAA 10yr
Old charter 10yr
Old HH bib gold label
1792 225th anv.
Bulleitt Barrell Strenght
Elijah Craig BP #12
Elijah Craig BP c9
I.W. Harper 15yr

ORVW 10yr
Lot B 12yr
Weller special reserve
Blanton’s sb
Old Blue Ribbon 12yr BIB
EH Taylor small Batch
Elmer T Lee
Four roses LESMB 2015
Four roses LESMB 2021
Four Roses 5th anv.
Knob Creek Cask Rye
Knob Creek 18yr
Parkers Heritage 11yr
Old Charter 8yr
Old Charter 10yr
Bardstown Bourbon Fusion
Rabbitt Hole 16yr Navallier
1792 Full proof
1792 BIB
Michters 10yr Bourbon
Michters 10yr Rye
K.O.K. 2022
W.T. Tradition 14yr
W.T. Masters Keep 17yr
W.T Masters Keep Decades
W.T. Rare Breed 108.2


AA 6yr 10 1983
Anderson Club 15yr 1996
I.W.Harper 1978
Kentucky Tavern 1970
Marion Corn 10yr bib1973
Crow Chess 1969
Old Crow 1976
Old Fitz 1849 1989
Old Taylor 6yr 1985
Old Treausre BiB 1957
Old Weller 107 1976
Walker deluxe 8yr 1975
Daviess co 70’s
Dowling Brothers 12yr 1965